Wedding White Tea Tin 5 Sachets




Wedding White Tea Harney & Sons Tin 5 Sachets

Tea as an elegant blend for your momentous event. It features Mutan White tea with lemon-vanilla to taste, and a touch of pink rosebuds and petals. Each Wedding Tea Tagalong contains five sachets in a silver tin. Each sachet brews a 12 oz. cup of tea. Caffeinated.

Aroma: People love the mixture of vegetal flavors from the tea, and the marriage of the sweet creaminess of vanilla with the citrus notes from lemons.
Caffeine Level: Caffeinated
Body: Wedding has a good body for a white tea, very fulfilling.
Flavors: The blend of a light white and vanilla and lemon flavors all combine to create a very special tea. The daughter of our founder, Elyse Harney Morris, drinks it every morning.

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