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What’s in a Christmas gift box?

Rose & Blanc puts a selection of tea snacks in the gift box, including a variety of European teas. These are delicious snacks that are hard to find in general local markets.

Gift Box For Women

Unique gift boxes for her! Personalized gift boxes and crates for all occasions. You could treat a wonderful friend or family member to new products by personally delivering items to their doorstep. Personalized curated gift boxes & crates for all occasions.

Tea Gift Box For Women

Tea gift basket set is great idea for tea lovers like your mom, sister, wife, female friends. Our carefully selected and beautifully packaged gift bundles are a welcome gift for any tea lover.

Gift Box for Birthday

Women’s Birthday Gift Box Set 7 Unique Surprise Gifts For Wife, Mother, Aunt, and More! Rose & Blanc offer best birthday gift boxes near your!

Tea Tin Gift Box

Discover our Afternoon tea tin gift box basket. Our classic scone tea basket, tea tins, and tea cups with our finest afternoon tea are the perfect gift for tea lovers.

Mother’s Day Gift Box

How about giving your mother a pretty tea gift box on Mother's Day? This is a Mother's Day gift box with a variety of green, black, herbal teas and tea snacks included Ninas Paris Marie antoinette.

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