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In different parts of the world, there are detoxifying ancestral practices that use well-known ingredients to purify the body. Palais Des Thes travels, in search of the best teas, allowed to observe them. Drawing on these proven methods, Palais des Thés reveals 4 delicious recipes of Detox teas and infusions with specific powers. 

* 4 Miniatures Box Set 

Brazilian DETOX (30 g) - Energy: organic blend combining the detox benefits and invigorating qualities of green tea, mate, açai, and guarana with the sweet-tart flavor of passion fruit.

South African DETOX (30 g) - Draining: organic blend combining the detox and draining benefits of 3 typical plants from this region — rooibos, honeybush, and moringa — with the sweet flavors of African mango.

Japanese DETOX (40 g) - Relaxation: organic recipe combining the detox benefits of Sencha green tea, spirulina, and buckwheat with soothing notes of nashi pear.

Scandinavian DETOX (30 g) - Natural Defenses: organic herbal tea combining the detox benefits of birch with the antioxidant properties of Scandinavian berries for a protective effect on the body.

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