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Assortment Pinkdragee Marie Antoinette CandyAssortment Pinkdragee Marie Antoinette Candy
Bridaveaux - Vioelt ShortbreadBridaveaux - Vioelt Shortbread
Raspberry Jam Cookies
Jocelyn & Co Raspberry Jam Cookies
In stock, 20 units
Mini metal box “Morning in Paris” 35g
Mini metal box “Swarm in the Rose Garden” 35g
Mini metal box “The Blue Bird”
Propolis Honey
Ginseng Honey
Les Abeilles de Malescot Ginseng Honey
In stock, 3 units
Honey Candies Red Poppy (130g)
Honey Candies Peach & Verbena (130g)Honey Candies Peach & Verbena (130g)

Vahdam Tea

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Save 38%
vahdam tea Assam Black TeaVahdam Tea Assam Black Tea Loose Leaf Tea 16oz
Save 45%
vahdam tea earl grey teaVahdam Tea Earl Grey Tea Citrus Black Tea 16oz

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